Paige Elson

Paige Elson is a writer, actor, and comedian originally from Stockton, California aka “the dub-nine” as some affectionately call it. She grew up as a competitive gymnast with Olympic dreams but was always making home movies with her cousins, authoring little books, and begging her mom to “play improv” with her. Her party trick as a kid was doing a one-handed cartwheel while holding her mom’s Chardonnay and never spilling a drop! Yes, her mom is white. Eventually around the ripe age of twelve, Paige came to her senses and traded in her unrealistic Olympic gymnast dream for the more attainable dream of making it big in Hollywood. When it comes to dreams, she likes to go big or go home–and home was somewhere she did not want to stay!

She eventually “moved on up” to study theater at Pepperdine University. While at Pepperdine, she learned quickly she was not getting cast in the period dramas they loved and had few opportunities to express creativity; so, like the late great Diahann Carroll once said, “If you’re not invited to the party, throw your own,” she decided to take matters into her own hands and began to take writing more seriously. She created a web-series with her fellow acting peers, wrote and performed monologues, and even created, produced, and performed in a showcase for the theater department’s Black performers. Although studying at Pepperdine caused her to dig deep and explore various parts of her artistry, she missed one thing–comedy. She wanted to learn more about making people laugh and explore her interests through a comedic lens.

She cut her comedy chops at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and became a performer/writer on their house sketch and improv teams. She went on to continue honing her craft through writing classes and connecting with industry professionals and mentors through various programs. She has written, produced, and performed in short films, sketches, and has performed live comedy at festivals and locally around Los Angeles. Now that she is joining the Nickelodeon Writing Program, she is excited to continue growing and take her work to the next level.

She often explores themes of Blackness, identity, and unconventional families in her writing. She likes to mine the nuances in our different experiences and laugh about it because sharing laughter is the greatest gift. When she is not creating, you can catch her dramatically belting Mariah Carey from the privacy of her car, snapping film photos, and telling all her curly-haired friends which hair products to try.

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Founded in the year 2000, the Nickelodeon Writing Program is a full-time, paid, yearlong development Program for television comedy writers with unique voices and from underrepresented communities. Join us at the studio in Burbank for classes and workshops to sharpen your skills, executive mentorship and networking to build your professional relationships, and the opportunity to work in the iconic live-action and animation writers’ rooms at Nick. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dedicate yourself to the craft of writing and build your career from the ground up.

The Nick Writing Program is not a writing contest – It’s a launching pad for diverse and emerging creatives. If you bring the unique voice and innovative ideas for kids’ and family content, we’ll help you launch a career with all the tools you’ll need to succeed in the industry for years to come.

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We can’t create the most awesome kids’ content in the world without the most awesome artists in the world. 

The Nickelodeon Artist Program is a 6-month, full-time paid talent development program for aspiring pre-production artists. We seek out talented designers, painters, story artists, and CG generalists with diverse voices from underrepresented communities, with the goal of mentoring, developing, and staffing the next generation of inclusive storytellers and content creators. 

The Nick Artist Program is designed to kick-start the journey of career-ready artists! If you’re ready for the SLIME of your life, come join us at the Nick Animation Studio.  

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