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When anything is erased from a chalkboard, it’s not really gone – it just enters a realm called the Chalkzone. And fifth grader Rudy Tabootie found a way to go there! With a piece of “White Lightning” chalk, he can enter the Chalkzone any time he likes. In the Chalkzone, Rudy befriends Snap, a bold superhero Rudy drew years ago. But Rudy soon discovers not every doodle is friendly…

Rudy! You gotta draw something.

– Snap

Chalkzone was originally a short on Fred Seibert’s Oh Yeah! Cartoons. It was the first short from Oh Yeah! to become a Nick series.

Larry Huber and Bill Burnett Nick Animation creators
Meet the Creators

Larry Huber and Bill Burnett

Larry Huber was already an animation veteran when he met Bill Burnett, a talented writer and musician. While working with animation impresario Fred Seibert, the pair combined Larry’s idea, about a boy with magic chalk, and Bill’s idea about an entire other world hiding behind chalkboards.

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