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As Told By Ginger

Middle schooler Ginger Foutley thinks she’s a geek – but doesn’t want to be. She and her best pals, Dodie, Macie and Darren, aspire to shake the “geek” label and get in with the cool crowd. Will they succeed? As Told By Ginger offers the rare opportunity to get a definitive answer: unlike most animated shows, the characters aren’t stuck at one age – they actually get older as the show progresses -- and the whole series is one continuing story.

I’m not nervous, I’m soaking up this powerful moment whereby I take matters into my own hands.

– Ginger Foutley

Make-A-Wish & Nickelodeon helped Leandra Argyro’s dream come true of becoming a character on the show.

Emily Kapnek Nick Animation creator
Meet the Creators

Emily Kapnek

Emily Kapnek has created several shows, including Suburgatory, Emily’s Reasons Why Not and Selfie. But As Told By Ginger still holds a special place in Emily’s heart — it’s more than a little autobiographical.

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