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Bubble Guppies

Jump into a watery world of learning and laughter with Bubble Guppies. Join Gil and Molly and their guppy buddies and learn science, math and literacy by exploring a wide range of topics: from dinosaurs to dentists, rock & roll to recycling, and colors to cowboys. This is one school of fish you'll want to swim along with.




01/24/11 – PRESENT, 52 EPISODES

Robert Scull and Jonny Belt
Meet the Creators

Robert Scull and Jonny Belt

The idea for Bubble Guppies was inspired by the Backyardigans episode called “Viking Voyage,” in which Tasha is a mermaid. When Jonny and Robert set out to make Bubble Guppies, they liked to compare it to a children’s vitamin—good for kids, but also yummy and fun.

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