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Cat Dog

Up on a cliff, somewhere in the crumbling rustbelt of America, dwells a most curious creature with two heads, one body, and no trace of a tail. It barks. It purrs. It can’t decide what to scratch first. It’s Catdog, the ultimate odd couple, who somehow figures out how to work together to face the world head on…with two heads on.




10/04/98 – 06/15/04, 67 EPISODES

Peter Hannan
Meet the Creators

Peter Hannan

It may come as no surprise that a man who created a series about a dog and cat who share the same body has a fondness for oddball pets. Peter had his own strange pet as a kid: a three-legged dog named Tipper, who once got his front paw caught in his collar and ran home using two legs on the same side of this body.