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Making Fiends

Clamburg used to be a popular tourist destination. But when Vendetta learned how to make “fiends” – “hideous things” that torment everyone in town – no one wanted to go to Clamburg anymore. No one except new girl in town Charlotte, whose ridiculously chipper, oblivious attitude immediately drives Vendetta crazy. Vendetta spends much of her time trying to turn Charlotte’s smile upside down, but try as she might, she can’t crush Charlotte’s endless optimism. What’s worse, Charlotte thinks they’re pals! It’s a battle royale of friends versus fiends.

The vegetables were so cute that I couldn’t eat them, so I taught them a song!

– Charlotte

Only Vendetta can make friends, except for when Charlotte made a friendly fiend (Vendetta did give her the ingredients)

Meet the Creators

Amy Winfrey

Amy Winfrey got her start while still in school at UCLA, animating on the first two seasons of South Park and the South Park feature film. Winfrey has produced three web series on her own: Muffin Films, Big Bunny, and Squid and Frog.

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