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Pig Goat Banana Cricket

Meet four friends nature never intended -- a pickle-obsessed pig , a goat with musical dreams, a banana who loves video games and a cricket with a crazy science lab. Pig, Goat, Banana and Cricket live in Boopelite, a town unlike anything you've seen before; where fruit can walk, animals can talk, and you can find all your pickle needs at the downtown Picklemart! From surviving a fudge-pocalypse to challenging Prince Mermeow in the underwater city of Catlantis, Pig, Goat, Banana and Cricket often find themselves in sticky situations…but wherever these four friends go, they always know where they'll end up: TOGETHER!





Meet the Creators

Dave Cooper and Johnny Ryan

Before becoming the creators behind Pig Goat Banana Cricket, Johnny and Dave used to create stories for Nickelodeon Magazine. Starting off in the world of comics, they were a perfect fit for each other because of their fondness for weird things and all the interesting characters they could create together.
Characteristic of their unique art style, the show features the lush charm of retro kids’ books and the cutting edge illustration fused with sparkling characters matched with a surprising industrial design.

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