Team Umizoomi

Umifriends Milli, Geo, and Bot solve everyday problems in a world like none other, where sidewalks swirl and the streets are paved with origami. Using their “Mighty Math Powers”, Team Umizoomi takes kids on adventures that develop preschool skills, including the all-important "Crazy Shake" dance.




1/25/10 – PRESENT, 70 EPISODES

Jennifer Twomey, Soo Kim and Michael Smith
Meet the Creators

Jennifer Twomey, Soo Kim and Michael Smith

As kids, Jennifer, Soo and Michael each loved The Borrowers, Thumbelina and The Littles, stories about tiny characters who live in a human-sized world. Years later, their “mini” obsession became the inspiration for Team Umizoomi, a series about tiny superheroes in a colorful urban world who solve big math problems.

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