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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius

Jimmy Neutron is a typical kid, if you consider a “typical kid” being the world's smartest eleven-year-old boy. With an IQ higher than Mars, the genius Jimmy invents gadgets that he hopes will improve everyday life, although most often, his creations cause more chaos than the Chaos Theory.




07/20/02 – 11/25/06, 43 EPISODES

John A Davis Nick creator
Meet the Creators

John A. Davis

John started animated as a kid using his parents’ 8 mm camera to film action figures in stop motion. Years later, he found a script he had abandoned called “Runaway Rocketboy”, featuring a character named Johnny Quasar. How could he have known that years later, that character would form the basis of not one, but two shows: Jimmy Neutron and its spin-off, Planet Sheen? Maybe it’s time to take another look at stuff you abandoned years ago!

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